WholeHealthEd: The Project for Whole Health Learning in K-12

Our vision is to ensure that every child receives comprehensive education in the factors that influence and strengthen health and well-being through proven and readily available academic and experiential studies from PreK through 12th grade. This is a new approach to health education, but one needed to fully prepare our children to thrive in a century already rife with complex and persistent health-compromising factors.

Our mission is to elevate awareness of the important health and academic outcomes children have achieved—through collaborative, hands-on, engaged learning in the school garden, teaching kitchen, in nature, in mindfulness, through physical activities and SEL—by bringing together the practitioners, researchers, educators, innovators, and policy makers who see whole health learning as a means to:

- mitigate ill health and chronic illness where intransigent negative social determinants prevent children from reaching their potential; and
- establish mindsets that support life-long well-being for children no matter where they live and learn.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks to Nova Institute for Health which is the fiscal sponsor for WholeHealthED.